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Thread: 2506 75g HP reloads

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    2506 75g HP reloads

    Is anyone using the above just brought a box of heads for the summer fox shooting only. First reloads using fed 210 primer, H4831. Getting reasonable accuracy around n inch using 58.5g of h4831. But still got some refining to do the speeds I'm getting over a chronograph are a long way off book speeds. 3 shot average of 3248!
    Just wondering what sort of speeds anyone else with a 75g
    Atb matt

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    Hi MGD,

    I have loaded for a few 25-06 over the years and found that while H4831 was an excellent choice when using 115 - 120g bullets, it was a bit slow when using light bullets, especially if barrel length was less than 24". I got good accuracy and velocity with light bullets when using H4350, H414, Re19 and even faster powders such as Re15 and H380.


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    Hi Andy thanks for the info I tried some more 75g today with H4831 58.5g they go around the 3250 out a standard t3 and out to 100 they shot a one hole group I don't mean a perfect hole but ragged hole. Ill try some of the other powder you listed next time I go to the gun shop. Cheers Matt

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    I have 62 grains of H4831SC, with CCI primers pushing a VMax at a shade over 3500fps which groups well

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    To be fair I haven't tried over 59g yet. What length barrel are you using? Cheers Matt

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