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Thread: What is the longest you have waited before taking a shot?

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    What is the longest you have waited before taking a shot?

    I went stalking on Saturday morning with the aim of catching up with a murder buck that I spotted lamping this week.

    I eventually found him at 07:00, and managed to close the distance to 100m with the help of some dead ground. Having closed the distance from around 300m I still didn't have a safe shot as there was a road beyond him. By this time the buck had moved further along the hedge row and although I was still hidden I was now stuck in my position (I was lying in a field of 4" spring barley) as the contours of the field didn't offer cover to retreat or move.

    I watched him at varying ranges up to 120m, for 4 hours 30 mins before he eventually moved away from the road and finally presented a safe shot at about 70m.

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    not stalking but foxing,

    called this vixen in to a location that was a tight shot, so called and waited called and waited for 2 hours and then i had the chance of a shot,

    it was cold out side and the inside of the windscreen on the truck was covered in ice.

    nice shot too, taken with a nice PH 6mm Remington out to about 150 yards or more. well worth the waiting as she was in pup.

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    That rather depends.
    I waited 2 years to get a client onto a buck. Mind you it was 184 cic when I finally caught up with him.
    So would I wait that long again. You betcha !!
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    I guess you mean once you have sighted your intended quarry? And not sat in a high seat waiting for it? If so-
    Probably about 15 minutes waiting, that was after a 30 minute stalk, that was on a DSC2 assessment. Spotted a young buck & doe feeding in a valley by a stream. Had to make my way to the other side then got in behind a wall at 60 yds. The buck kept presenting rear end or was behind or in front of the doe as they slowly fed and moved.
    Eventually he took too many steps forward and presented the perfect shot. That's when the hard work started!
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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    That rather depends.
    I waited 2 years to get a client onto a buck. Mind you it was 184 cic when I finally caught up with him.
    So would I wait that long again. You betcha !!
    I shot a fox in February that I had been after for 18 months.

    Whereas yesterday I had the buck I was after in sight for over 4 hours , before he eventually presented a safe shot.

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    Watched a medal class Roe buck 2weeks in a row - could not decide to take him before he becomes a RTA or otherwise........
    At 20yds this morning whilst he thrashed a tree, on the sticks-off the sticks - long haul to the vehicle......let him go after 30mins. Would look better on the plaque in summer pelage rather than winter.
    Caught up with a medal class Muntjac at about 15m, my legs ached from squatting down when he didnt move forward from the tree covering his chest (could have 'necked' him but a stream and low foliage etc meant 'hard work' if he ran) - so let him go ..........


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    as a paying guest I had to sit for about an hour as a fallow pricket sat sleeping in rushes, others were going about in the fields just over that we'd glassed but the stalker had decided and that was that. We were above him and I could have easy shot him in the scon but the guy wanted chest shots only so I fell asleep too, don't think the guy was very impressed but I was there to stalk deer not ambush one sleeping. In the end we shot him when he stood up and I was happy to just go home being now cold and uninterested, a waste of my day and money... I got the impression as a 'stalker' that he was killing time on the outing while knowing we'd get the sitter when there were others we could have actually stalked.

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    Waited up to an hour on occasions for a lying deer to stand but 4 and a half hours,you must have wanted him badly,i'd have crawled off and come back another day but then I suppose you wouldn't know how long it would take,good on ya.

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    Sat for 2 or 3 hours waiting for a silver medal to come out last year, the rest have been sub 5 minutes once stalked into range.
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    Just under 4 hours for a fallow buck to come good.

    27 days and nights for a fox at a den. Got 3 in the same night eventually.

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