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Thread: Good Gun Store in Phoenix??

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    Good Gun Store in Phoenix??

    Ladies and Gents,

    I'm of to the US on Monday for business, just wondered if anyone knew of a decent gun store in Phoenix. I'm after re-loading kit (just the basics like a lee anniversary kit or similar) and a scope for my hopefully-soon-to-be rifle (two to three weeks for the FAC to arrive now )

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Unfortunatly i'll not have chance to travel about too much (i.e just Phoenix) and i'm not staying long so couldn't get anything posted to my hotel.

    Any thoughts appreciated


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    Shops in phoenix

    Check out the Pro Bass website they have a store in Phoenix. Im sure they will have what you need and more but be warned go in with a budget or you will spend a fortune on tat.

    Cheers Danny

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    9380 W. Glendale Ave.
    Glendale, AZ 85305

    Telephone: 623-872-6700

    Best bet is to order online and collect in Store.

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    Hey Jim, Arizona tactical and shooters world look cool but you're best to post back anything gun related you buy because customs are twitchy on everything gun related even scopes.

    Legendary Gunsmiths
    - - +1 602-242-1195
    Arizona Tactical
    - - +1 602-728-0900
    The Weapon Works
    - - +1 602-995-3010
    Shooter's World
    - - +1 602-266-2600
    - - +1 602-944-7121
    Shooter's Vault
    - - +1 602-971-8600

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    Roe Steak,

    I read elsewhere recently on this forum that as long as your not actually bringing anything expading or explosive back then all should be ok - as long as its in your hold bagage.

    I'll check with the airline, think its BA so i'll see what they say.

    Cheers for all the links by the way...very useful!


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    I have just flown back with BA your fine with bullets or rounds as long as they in there original packaging but do remeber your FAC.

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    Pick up the nearest phone book and look under "Guns and Ammunition" Also, don't diuscount walking into the local "WalMart" store. Here in Montana these stores carry firearms and some reloading kit.

    Don't be above looking around in the Pawn Shops if the opportunity arises. Many times they take in unwanted reloading gear when they take in a rifle. I once bought 16 bullet molds for rifles for $70 US in a pawn shop. I bought an RCBS 10-10 missing the pan for $5 last June. I also buy waaay to many rifles and handguns in Pawn Shops if the deal is right. Be thankful you won't have thet problem~Muir

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