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Thread: The search for Muntjac

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    The search for Muntjac

    Morning Lads,

    Went out this morning at 5am. Having spotted and shot a muntjac on one of my own permissions a few weeks back for the first time i was back out this morning determined to try and bag another one, this time no getting distracted by the bunnies or foxes (although Charlie probably would have copped it for an easy shot).

    The permission in question is a large private golf course and country club estate in Watford, Hertfordshire. It is surrounded by woods which i know have both Muntjac and other deer however i basically have no access to these woods (around 5% is within my boundaries) . However within my permission there is a small woods (about 6 square acres) which is mine to shoot as i like and is currently lush with Bluebells which I suspect is helping to attract the munties in. The only downside is that there are very few paths in the woods which is a nightmare, as most of the time you have to walk rough through the undergrowth which makes being even remotely silent almost impossible.

    I started by stalking along the south egde of the woods slowly, confident that conditions seemed perfect to bag a deer this morning but didnt see anything on my way, when i reached the far side of the wood i decided to cross out into a small copse adjacent as last week i saw a Doe run into there. I had a quick wander in there but didnt get far when i started to hear a muntjac barking from behind me back in the woods. So i turned back on myself and headed back into the Bluebell woods... i was following the sound of the barking trying to sense the direction of it, i was getting closer and moving faster !

    .... unfortunately i was so determined to get to the barking muntjac this distracted me from using my eyes to check what i was doing and suddenly, right in front of me I saw the @rse end of another muntjac bouncing away from me at speed across the woods... ! i had gotten distracted by the barking muntjac and failed to watch what i was doing and come across a lovely munty without even realizing it !... and paid the price !

    For the rest of the morning I decide to stalk out the rest of my woods to see if i could locate the the barking muntjac or even the one which had ran from me, however it seemed that either they had left or they had heard me coming as after that i didnt see or hear anymore for the morning. I could have been kicking myself over my rookie stalking mistake, however on the bright side, it was a beautiful morning out shooting, i got a couple of awesome pictures of the woods and at least i saw another deer on my permission!

    Next time i think i might get there before sun rise, find a nice high spot with a nice open view of the forest floor and try and sit it out for an hour or two and see if i can get one as it walks through the forest ! unfortunately i dont have a high seat in there at present although im considering buying one.. especially it if the muntjacs stay on after the bluebells are gone ... anyway back out maybe Wednesday morning to try my luck again !

    Will keep you all posted !
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    Thanks for that, a nice read, and the Bluebells look stunning


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    Thanks Neil ! least i shot something nice

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    Wow, a stunning scenery!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    After last weeks failed stalk due my woods having no paths and therefore me having to trudge through the undergrowth making an all mighty racket (and my lack of concentration), i decided to order a new high seat from the bay. It arrived yesterday and i was able to get out to my permission just for an hour last night and (with the help of my lovely assistant ) get it assembled and set up ready for this morning.

    This morning i was up at 4am, and was pulling up in the car park next to my woods by 4.45am. I thought that i had remembered exactly id put the high seat but it seems that at pre 5am and with the darkness not quite gone it was harder to navigate than id expected.

    However once the seat was found again i was ready to get set up for the morning. The view from the seat is pretty awesome, it gives me a fairly unobstructed view of of the woodland out at least 100yards over 180degrees, most of which remains covered in blue bells with odd patches of leaf cover and clearings.

    It was a great feeling to be in the woods and watch the woods wake up with the rising sun. The woods slowly came to life and i spotted (and heard) several birds of prey hunting in the woods with me. However as it approached 6.30am there was no sign of a single deer. I was starting to get the feeling that it was going to be an unsuccessful morning as unfortunately the woods are located in a Golf and Country Club i have to stop shooting before 7.30am when the golfers start to make their way out of their luxuary hotel.

    I had the Buttolo Roe call with me and periodically throughout the morning i had tried giving some short calls, but hadn't spotted any movement. With time ticking on my last hour i decided that it was worth another blast on the Buttolo and see if i could stir any interest. As i was calling my thoughts went back to this weeks episode of Fieldsports Britain and i remembered how often the Muntjac appeared from behind. Still calling with one hand i spun in my seat with the binos to have a look behind me and suddenly spotted a Doe Muntjac, about 50metres behind me frozen on the spot looking straight at me clearly listening to the call.

    Freezing in the seat I slowly put down the caller with my right hand and and reached for my Browning .223 rifle which was on my lap. The Doe stopped watching me and i wondered if she was about to make a run for it .... but she didnt and she slowly carried on walking towards the cover... it was then i realized that she was injured and couldn't run, she was badly limping on a front leg.

    I gave her a quick shout in the hope of getting her to stop still. She did and gave me a perfect broadside shot. It was more of an instinct shot and soon as i had the cross hairs on the money spot everything happened automatically. The shot rang out through the woods and the Doe jolted up and then dropped sideways on the spot.

    I was happy with the result, as is often the way just as i was starting to lose hope of any action out of no where the deer emerged. Although she had been limping i must admit i still had the usual feeling of slight regret for killing one of these beautiful animals. However it was a nice clean shot and the Doe who was injured was dropped instantly... and best of all she is now hanging in my shed and the thought of restocking the freezer with some lovely Muntjac venison is helping to heal my conscience

    Happy hunting lads !!!
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    Well done you After reading your first post I was just about to write a reply saying how the best approach would be to wait quietly at the downwind end and let the munties come to you but you figured it out for yourself
    Enjoyed reading it

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    Well done, the first of many I hope


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Thanks for that, a nice read, and the Bluebells look stunning


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    Well done fantastic photos,Glendine.

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    Well done congratulations.

    Is the high seat set up a bit crooked so that you have to ask the nice lady to keep it upright all day?

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