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Thread: green acre supplies

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    green acre supplies

    Does anyone have any experience of Green Acre supplies in Somerset?

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    Only as i have taken a course through them a while ago,not bought anything from them.I will say that they weren't as slick as i thought they should of been if I am honest.


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    Mmmm,thanks for that.I bought a couple of things from them,but never received them.Still trying to get my money back!!!

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    He does take his time sending goods out!

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    +1 = I Concur with my fellow Member’s assertion/s.

    He was just a wee bit slow dispatching my Knoblocks.


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    Ive given up trying to order anything from him, he never seems to have what I want in stock and I would always have to chase the order up to see where it was.


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    Did he ever give you a refund for anything that he did not supply?Because he takes the money the moment that you buy anything online.I am still trying to get my money back after cancelling order a month ago.

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    Letts hope you get your money back,or you might have to break into your expensies from the 70s that you saved

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