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Thread: 38sp brass help with value

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    38sp brass help with value

    I have around 1000 38sp winchester nickle plated brass.

    Does anyone have any idea on its value for say per 100 cases.

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    About 3 per 100 that is if they are once fired.
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    Yeah that would be about right. I bought a thousand or so off a guy at my club last month for 20.

    Nickle plate cases are generally not loved.
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    I hate Nickel plate cases in .38 special when I reload them for my LBR they usually split after about the third firing. Never have that problem with normal cases. Not wishing to put a damper on things but I would not want to pay more than a few quid a hundred for them as 8x57 has said.

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    finaly decided there in the way after moving them around the shed then sean?? ha see u tmz

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