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Thread: Zeiss dialyt

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    Zeiss dialyt

    I was sure I'd heard somewhere that the dialyt with the leaded glass can rival any of their latest stuff and that they stopped making them as the margins weren't worth it.

    I've just had a look through the latest Zeiss catalogue and they still do them as special orders.

    Anyone have any knowledge of the truth behind things and, regardless of weight and beauty points, would I be as well buying a pair of older dialyt binos with my limited hard earned, rather than covering the latest Zeiss/swarvo/leica offerings?



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    The Dialyt 8x56 binocular is still available. Transmission is > 90% and does not have "leaded glass". The margin story is incorrect :-)

    Why this model? Because it is still popular in Germany with hunters.

    The other "Dialyt" models available are: 20x60 stabilised binocular and 7x50 Porro binocular.

    As I work for Zeiss it would be unfair to state the performance points against our competitors, maybe someone else can input a subjective comment (sorry, I have the data, so it would not be subjective). Obviously the transmission values are higher in the new Victory HT models than the Dialyt.

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    Many thanks for your comments, interesting to hear things from 'the inside' as it were.


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    At the recent Blue Fox Glade open day down in Devon, I had a good look through the Zeiss Victory HT 8x42 it was possibly Mak who was on their stand. The light transmission is second to none and the feel and handling of the bins mimic the classic Dialyt 7x42's of old. These are not cheap but they a re a few 100 less than equivalent Swarovision bins. I would highly recommend that you try a side by side comparison between the Zeiss HT's 8x42 and the Swarovision 8.5x42. Leica have sadly dropped back IMHO compared to the aforementioned models.

    I just remembered who at Zeiss UK has the initials MAK, so it wasn't him on the stand but the chap who was on there did a sterling job.
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    Ihave the zeiss classics 10 x 40 t*p* they are excellent, I have heard many say that they are the best glass zeiss ever made

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    No, I was not in attendance, it was a colleague and another stalking directory member. Thank you for your comments.

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    I have 8x56 that is 40 yo inherited after my wife's grandfather, should do another 40...

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