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Thread: FAC timescale???

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    FAC timescale???

    How long does it take roughly for strathclyde police to process a FAC application?

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    Well as it is no longer Strathclyde, there isn't much form in the book yet. There do seem to be quite a lot of changes in other aspects of West of Scotland policing, given the recent zealous use of speed traps and widespread vehicle checks in the Greater Glasgow area.

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    Phoned them today to check they had received everything ok and the woman I spoke to was most helpful said they had received everything and had been passed to the local FOE to arrange my interview and once that is done and doctors report is in decision should be made fairly quickly.

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    about 6 weeks bud not to bad ask for linda had variations done on the spot with no problems more amo more guns etc there is another lass there cant think of name but total bad ass hates hir job and shooting me thinks

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