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Thread: Sealskinz gloves?

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    Sealskinz gloves?

    Looking at getting some better gloves than my neoprene ones for this winter. Has anyone tried these by Sealskinz? They look preety good and seem to get some good write-ups.,0,0,1%7C53%7C

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    sealskinz gloves

    The Sealskinz range is top notch stuff, but, I found the gloves let my hands get cold, maybe they were a little tight?, but the socks, Now they are really good items, available in long & short, if you are unlucky enough to have a pair of boots fail, just get a pair of Sealskinz socks! 8)

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    I use both the gloves and socks - great bits of kit. Just be careful when you talk about them in public. When I mentioned the name somebody thought I was the bloke that went around clubbing baby harp seals with a baseball bat!

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    They are nice gloves but your hands do get cold in them. Although when I had mine on last it was -19C at the time. if your going to give them some serious winteruse maybe get some glove liners as well.

    As Bandit country say's you do get some really funny looks when you tell people you;ve got a pair of seal skin gloves.....

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    I just tell em grandpa was an Inuit, thats Inuit not Idiot!

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    and they get even more upset when you tell them you have to shave the whiskers off because they get in the way when you rub your eye's.

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    What you need is a pair of Air Crew gloves and liners, if you cannot find any let me know and I may be able to put you in touch with a man who can.

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    Sorry to be a disbeliever. I have a pair of the ultra grip gloves and wore them for a day at the hinds in Wester Ross in fairly rough conditions (30-40mph winds and rain). They are not waterproof and your hands get clammy and cold in them. By luck I had a pair of Army issued arctic mitts which are 100% waterproof and combined with normal fleece gloves are very warm. A big thumbs-down I'm afraid and I would not buy another pair.

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    My hands suffer from poor circulation so I am always looking for waterproof, warm gloves that are not too thick to work in. I bought a pair of Sealskinz a few years ago, put them on, dipped hands in a bucket of water, water came straight through. Gloves went in the bin.

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    I would say they are water resistant, not water proof. Ok if you are on the move but cold if sitting around. Biggest failure is down to the liners; they pull out if the gloves are damp and take an age to re-locate.

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