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Thread: weekend at fordbank

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    weekend at fordbank

    ive just got back from a great weekend at fordbank b+b in wigtown . we set off yesterday morning(thats me , the other half and our 2 dogs) at about 10.30am in rain that would of made noah get his tools out but the further north we got the brighter it looked until we got to fordbank in glorious sunshine at about 3.30pm . we were met by scott who runs fordbank b+b and he showed us to our room but because we needed extra room for our dog crate we up graded to room 2 , take it from me fellas if you can talk your other half into going with you for the weekend , up grade ,room 2 has a huge bed9 you can roll over 3 times and still be on it) and a jacuzzi bath , my other half took a face pack with us and spent 2 hours in the bath while i was out . les , who runs the stalking , came and picked me up at about 5.30pm last night and took me back to his house which is right amid the shooting ground so you step out of his door and are straight into the stalking , there we were met by paul who helps les out with the stalking , he knows the ground well and tells you where you are likely to see deer and where any bad ground is that ,as he put it , you will be up to your balls in. we were out till about 10pm , we didnt see alot but my dog was pointing at the woods every 5 yards so the numbers are there , about 9pm we came across 2 bucks that had been spooked by the cattle , paul knew where to go to head them off so i might get a shot which i did but i rushed it and missed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.then after we searched the area to make sure it was a miss we headed back to les's house , arrangments were made for this morning and i was dropped off back at fordbank by paul where the girlfriend had got me some food for the local pub , irish stew, it wasnt to my taste but i was hungry and needs must , only ate half though but ox my dog liked it more than me . paul picked me up this morning bright and early for round 2 and we saw a doe in the field by the side of the driveway to les's , the weather was good , not too bright and very low winds , we set off stalking and had a good walk round , saw 2 more does on the edge of woods and were just starting to head back towards les's when a young buck set off running on the opposite side of a wall to us , yet again paul knew where to go to get a shot and there the buck was , he didnt get to run off again , he is now in a fridge . all in all a dam good weekend, well worth the trip and the other half got to relax ready to drive me back ha ha , brian
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    Did you go down the bladnoch then for your food ?

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    Glad you enjoyed it, hope to see you again soon. Paul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Did you go down the bladnoch then for your food ?
    if thats the pub down the road then yes thats where deb got the food from
    when you stop learning you stop being challenged

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