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Thread: Remmington 700 .243 Left handed stock

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    Remington 700 .243 Left handed stock

    Hi There, after some advice , i recently had a bad drop with my Remington .243 and basically damaged the stock, its not the end of the world but i would like to replace it, just for a standard beech or walnut stock, would also consider synthetic. All the suppliers ive googled online seem to only do fancy tactical or laminate options , i just want a straight (traditional) replacement, boring i know ! To make it even trickier im a lefty ! if any one knows of one for sale or advice on where to get one it would be greatly appreciated !
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    You could try contacting one of the Gunsmiths that do a lot of builds on donor actions. They may have a Standard Remington Stock lying around. Norman Clarke, PRS Brock and Norris to name a few. Good Luck.


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    I would speak to Callum Ferguson at Precision Rifles. He may well have something lying around. He put a Macnillan stock on my left hand Remington 700BDL a few years ago.


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    Thankyou Chaps , i Called another Callum at Rifle Craft, and brilliantly he had two left hand stocks, one was worse then mine the other seems just the ticket at 85.00. Thankyou so much Yorkie and Nelson for the tips, exactly what the forums for !


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    rifle craft had a good selection of unused factory stocks for sale a while ago walnut laminate and synthetic cheap too, but it sounds like your sorted.

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    Thanks Ruby tuesday, not much in the way of lefties but they've sorted me out

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