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Thread: stalking without the gun

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    stalking without the gun

    Went out for a wonder this evening with the dogs, and after about 10 mins spotted this doe out feeding.
    Attachment 28213Attachment 28214

    I left her in peace and carried on, it was only another 5 mins and this buck was spotted making for a wood.

    Attachment 28215

    I carried on to another wood and spotted this buck through a gap in the hedge.

    Attachment 28216

    After a stalk through the wood and being winded by a couple of roe who sneaked off before i could get a photo, I came out the other end of the wood and spotted this young little buck.

    Attachment 28218Attachment 28219

    He sensed something was up and slowly worked his way from my right to left to get down wind and work out what was going on. He winded me and was off.

    Attachment 28220Attachment 28221

    The weather wasnt great with a constant drizzle of rain and a cold breeze but saw plenty of deer.
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    Few more seen today.

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    Nice thanks for sharing. How close did you get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    Nice thanks for sharing. How close did you get?
    To the last buck in the original write up, he was about 10m away and to the yearling buck today about 7. The one today didn't see me at all and passed right by and into cover.

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