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Thread: importing a gun

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    importing a gun

    hi does anyone know the procedure for importing a rifle from denmark, or is it mor trouble than it,s worth. thanks

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    I can only speak from importing from Germany, twice, it is easy within the EU. The gunshop out there does all the exporting work and paperwork and all your RFD does in this country is send a copy of his rfd certificate to the one out there and deal with it in the normal way.

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    Denmark is a bit awkward in some respects mostly because the gun shops seem less inclined to ship to the UK. Right now I have three rifles to bring in from DK however the process is the same for most of the EU.

    The seller arranges for a permanent export licence and will need a copy of your or your RFDs Open Import Licence plus RFD. In theory you do not need an Import Licence as this is an EU cross border transaction however the other end always asks for it... Once everything is in place the rifle can be shipped. Now in the UK RFD transfers are only carried out by ParcelForce or TNT however a Section 1 or 2 firearm coming into the UK will not necessarily be shipped with these couriers so do be prepared to have your rifle dropped off at a neighbours/adjacent unit/passing dog walker!

    Cost wise I personally prefer to collect from DK as my wife is Danish so it is an excuse to go over. Direct shipping will cost you anywhere from around GBP55 by one dealer I know who just seems to pop them in the post to one large company who charge a flat GBP550...

    Is it worth the hassle? I have a stunning and original Mauser Sporter sitting in DK right now that I would never have found here in the UK and it was a very sensible price.

    Shout if you need to know more, if it is on my travels I can always pick it up for you.

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    thanks david thats very good of you, i will bein touch if i need your help,

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