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Thread: pecar scope optical centered

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    pecar scope optical centered

    following on from my other thread wanting to bring my scope further back i may have found a make of scope that would solve the problem.

    an old pecar. having looked a little at these now this evening i have two main questions for your thought and enlightenment.

    firstly they seem to come with optical centered or non optical centered reticals. what are the pros and cons of each please. i have seen one in a shop that is non centered but want to know a bit more before having another look.

    secondly some if not all have changeable reticles. a novel idea but surely a great way of letting in moisture ?

    i am keen to get one if these questions can be resolved as there would be plenty of adjustment to move the scope forwards and back to get the eye relief i need.

    thank you for your time

    regards pete

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    I've got a couple of Pecar scopes - one centred reticle & one not.
    Neither has let water in in the 20 years I've had them.
    Non centred reticle is fine if your rings are adjustable laterally - Leupold, Apel, Redfield etc work very well.
    Old fashioned quality scopes - Fine glass, solid tubes, hold zero & track very well - nice to look through.
    Although Pecar went out of business you can still get them refurbished / repaired in Birmingham by Paul Burke.
    If they float yer boat - go for it.


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    Thanks yorric.

    If i did get a non centred one how do i go about setting it up. Does the front ring twist a little and then lock etc.

    Regards pete

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    The Pecar I have has the two turret adjusters just like most scopes - one for elevation on the top & the other for windage on the right side. Both these move the reticle inside the tube as normal but the image doesn't stay centered - the crosshairs move in your sight picture.
    So if your mounts & scope tube are well centred parallel to the barrel bore, the crosshairs will be in the middle of the picture - if they are not you either accept it or get windage adjustable mounts and if necessary shim the bases for rough elevation.
    Set up is quite simple - set windage & elevation turrets on the scope to their half range positions & the reticle should be centered. Bore scope the rifle & make appropriate adjustments as needed by adjusting the bases not the scope. When you then get to fire a fine zero group you can fine tune it using the scope turrets as normal.


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    Makes sense thank you. Sounds like a optical centred onee would be thee simplest option though

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    It's the Champion range from Pecar that is image moving ( the reticle appears in the centre of the view) the Classic type is moving reticle.

    I have one here waiting to be sent off for a clean and service as it has got oil inside the tube after someone slavered oil all over it to put into storage. I have never seen moisture in any of those I have had over the years. Currently only three Pecar's, two Champions and a Classic in 3-7x35, the classic is also having a new duples reticle to replace the fine cross hair it came with. Actionoptics are doing this for me.

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    Yorric and brit. I like the idea of a variable mag so it might have to be a moving reticle. How far off of centre do the cross hairs appear if the mounts cant be adjusted enough. Is itt just noticeable or do they appear way off. I have a 6 x mag scope on at the mo and its fine for the stalking i do but comared to my friends schmitt on 8x the target for instance look very small.
    In your opinion is the fixed mag and centred reticle better than variable mag and moving reticle.

    Regards pete

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    Its difficult to give a precise answer to this one. It all is down to degree of error on barrel to receiver - to bases - to rings - to scope & reticle & how this all adds up (or cancels itself out).

    All I can say is if you have adjustable bases you should be able to centre a moving image reticle scope without problems, unless your rifle fixing points are severely out of line.

    What is your rifle, has it got a receiver dovetail? & what bases & rings are you intending to use? Are they adjustable? (This is your best option).

    One way to check alignment of bore to scope mounting centreline, is to fix rifle in a solid cradle or workmate etc so you can twiddle with it without moving the rifle at all.
    Then with bases & ring lower halves fitted to the rifle & uppers off or loosened so that the scope can spin in the rings. Bore sight the barrel (look at a target at 100yards through the bore) then look through the scope & note the cross hair position. Without disturbing the rifle, twist the scope in the ring bases & note where the cross hairs go. If the scope reticle & tube are optically centred, the cross hairs will keep over the same position on the target - if they aren't it will move in a circle. If that point or circle orbits the target point as seen through the bore then the scope body (& mounts) is aligned with the bore.
    If alignment is perfect that circle will orbit a point on the target at a height equal to your scope centreline to bore height above dead centre.


    ps My head hurts now - hee hee - your turn to try & understand my gibberish!!

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    thanks yorric. has your head stopped spinning yet. the rifle is a parker hale 1100. not sure what the bases are but the rings are weaver. would probably get leupold bases and rings as they seem reasonable and if any more expensive would stop me changing the scope completely. as are the joys of being a mortgage payer etc etc

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    Leupold /Redfield/Burris Signature all good rings suitable for a strong tube scope like a Pecar. Adjustable windage & can be shimmed for elevation too.
    If yo think you may need to shim a lot, think about using the Burris Signature rings as they have the plastic self aligning nylon bushes in them (like Optilocks) which would eliminate stressing the scope tube when tightening the top ring screws.


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