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Thread: Got the B@stard!

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    Got the B@stard!

    I have been trying to get a pair of particularly wiley magpies for weeks now.
    They are viscous b@stards and attack anything in a 400yd radius of their nesting tree which happens to be in line of sight from my back door!
    When I arrived at this house 5 yrs ago the place was devoid of small birds. I set about cleaning out the vermin and accounted for 12-15 magpies over a couple of season.
    We now have families of blue tits, swifts and blackbirds nesting and are regularly visited by bullfinches and grey/yellow wagtails.

    These two however appear to have built in range finders, radar, as well as facial recognition technology

    As soon as I appear anywhere near a window they sit 70yds away outside the viable "kill zone" of my air rifle.
    If it is anyone else they will happily sit still with a perfect shot presented!

    now short of training my 3 year old to use the PCP I have become an even sneakier bast@rd than I was before!

    Doors are left open, lights off, sight lines cleared in readiness

    Spotted a pair eyeing up my block of lard on the bird table.
    quick duck and shuffle to the back door and I was in position at 30ft.

    unfortunately the block of lard is rather large and he was either obscured by the uprights of the bird table or hiding behind the lard.

    Between the top of the lard and the roof of the bird table is a 3/4"- 1" window and I could see his head bobbing up and down behind it.
    With the black and white minstrel feeding merrily behind the lard that window was my only chance. Do-able but tricky.
    he was bobbing his head up and down so timing was of the essence.

    He paused just that little bit too long to savour some seed encrusted lard and caught a Webley magnum in the melon.
    One down, one (hundred) to go!

    There is something supremely satisfying about a successful magpie stalk.
    Made my day and its only 930!

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    Well done!

    I note their young are now about and not to be spared as they learn fast.

    Jays are the bigger problem on my patch and I won’t shirk from blowing a fox ambush to nail one which is quite often as they just can’t resist the whimper of a dying rabbit call!

    Out past 100 yards they make a great challenge for the 22 Hornet with a suitable backstop and so much so I actually call mine the “Jay” rifle.



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    Well done with that. Nasty bloody things and in the main, far too clever for me.

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    Can't put a price on shooting magpies.
    would happily ruin a stalk to test Centrefire ballistics on one!
    I am particularly keen to see what a .222 vmax does

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    Th last Jay I shot at about 80 yards with a 35g V-Max blew it into two leaving the bottom half still claw-wrapped and swinging from the branch.

    Shooting into a ravine I hasten to add as a safe backstop is everything with this kind of sport and cannot be over stated.


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    Was thinking of using the same title, mended the S200 on Sat and later that day Mr Carrion crow made a big mistake, .22 Eley wasp to the cranium from 20 yd stopped his plundering forever. Most satisfying shot, and sadly for Mr Crow Familiarity breeds contempt.

    I only need one chance.

    So good to have the Air arms back in action dealy silent bit of kit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Can't put a price on shooting magpies.
    would happily ruin a stalk to test Centrefire ballistics on one!
    I am particularly keen to see what a .222 vmax does
    Lol, I shot one at about 80yards with a 50g Vmax the other day in the head.
    as we approached, my wife said "it's still moving" needless to say it was just nerves as we found practically nothing resembling a magpies head within a five meter radius!
    I shot a crow at 170y with one this morning (and others at 196 and 302) and it was like picking up a piece of black and red string- absolute devastation those bullets

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    One year did 38 in the trap silly law makes it illegal to dispatch 1 magpie in front of another magpie but able to dispatch crow or other breeds in front of them and vice versa. But you can shoot one in front of another silly really

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    Was laid up at home very unwell and feeling sorry for myself. Wife spotted a Maggie raiding the bird table. She'd previously spotted the neighbourhood thug raiding nests in our hedgerow.
    Gave me, who could hardly summon energy to make it to the bathroom, strict orders to shoot it !
    She then opened the bedroom window, loaded a pellet in the air rifle, propped it by window and went to bait the table with tied down bacon rind.
    15 min' later a gentle call up the stairs that target was in position. I crawled out of bed, cocked the springer, .... and totally surprised myself by putting one straight through it's cranium ... the whoop of delight from downstairs was even more startling ! ......... the following 'thank you' was rather medicinal as well

    Brings a smile to my face every time I bowl over a Maggie now.

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    Having not had any luck with the roe deer, I put my Foxpro caller at the foot of a fence post late one evening in the hope of calling in a Charlie. I was backed into a hedge about 25 yards away, face veil down, with the .308 carefully poised on my sticks. About thirty seconds after starting the screaming rat call, a magpie landed on the top of the same post. It then jumped to the ground to investigate more closely. A 150 grain ballistic-tip tore through it moments later. A bit overkill, perhaps - but dead is dead, and deaderer is betterer...

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