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Thread: Squirrel hopper poisoning

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    Squirrel hopper poisoning

    Hi All
    After a bit of advice please.

    Do I need a qualification / certificate to poison squirrels.



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    If you don't at the moment I'm sure someone will run a course and then try and make it compulsory to have one, but it won't be too expensive.

    Sorry not very helpful but couldn't resist the opportunity .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Wayne get in touch with some game dealers. My frined is game keeper and his boss a game dealer and they can't get enough for their clients.
    Just a thought for you.

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    Not at the moment Wayne but you must ensure its only accesable to squirrels as with rat poison in a tube or something and thet carcasses are removed so that they are not eaten by other animals such as hawks, dogs, cats etc..( or at least that's what my local authority states)
    PS, if you've that many I'll pop ova and plug them for you my local loves them.

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    Dont fall foul of anybody whilst using poison for squirrel control, it is one hell of an emotive subject.
    We do a lot of control with poison.
    Make sure you only use poison prescribed for Grey squirrel control that is 0.02% warfarin.
    You should only use approved hoppers.
    You should not use it if there are red squirrels about the area.
    You can only use it between March 15th and August 15th.
    pm me if you need further info.Wf1

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    Why poison sell days shooting them

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    disaster waiting to happen IMO

    ​lots of cheap and effective traps or as above, plenty of willing helpers to have driven days!

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    Guys I think my original question was do I need a qualification to do it not should I do it

    Thanks for your reply's the ones who tried to answer my question.


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    Hi Wayne
    You do not need any certificate to poison squirrels but as mentioned above you do need the right kind of hopper (i have some if you want to borrow them). I think the suggestion of collecting dead animal is pretty unrealistic in all the time that i poisoned for i only came across one dopey looking animal and never found a dead one.

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