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Thread: 6.5 Reloading components

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    6.5 Reloading components

    I have the following for sale as a job lot. The buyer must collect and have the appropriate authority.

    1) 1 x box of 100 Hornaday 140Gr Interlocks 6.5mm

    2) 600 Winchester Large rifle Primers

    3) 1kg tub (unopened) Viht 560

    4) 1 x brand new box Lapua 100 6.5x55 brass cases

    5) 60 Rounds of twice reloaded 6.5x55 using Lapua Brass and 140Gr interlocks plus some empty cases. 50 of these rounds are in a green MTM ammo box.


    No offers

    Selby North Yorkshire


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    Sorry i ment to send a pm

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    Hi Folks,
    sorry I don't want to split the items as I want to sell all my kit with as little hassle as possible.

    Also, I will not send expanding bullet heads through the post. You know its illegal and I will not do it.



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    I am not interested in all the stuff as i already have my loads developed bt the new brass and the vitn560 are what i am using let me know if you need to sell them as i am ready to buy a tub for my use soon.

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    Hi briarquest,
    I have been asked to go shooting on tuesday will it be ok to
    pick up wednesday between 12 and 2 if not just give me a ring. I am free most of wednesday.


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    Are we to assume these items are sold then??

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