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Thread: Warthog V-Sharp "Curve" Sharpening System

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    Warthog V-Sharp "Curve" Sharpening System

    Hi All

    Warthog V-Sharp range of Diamond Grit knife sharpeners have just become available in the UK and we have the "Curve" model which is great all round sharpener for the Larder, Kitchen etc.

    Warthog V-Sharp "Curve" at 38.95 + p&p.

    • The "Curve" is intended to be non angle adjustable & very easy to use. Just keep your blade flat against the guide & pull through the sharpener.
    • Unique curve in the 325 grade diamond rods maintain a constant 25 degree angle.
    • Spring loaded diamond rods keep equal pressure on the blade.
    • Diamond rods are more "blade-friendly" compared to tungsten carbide sharpeners.
    • Can also be used to sharpen curved "Swingblade" type blades.
    • Ultra compact
    • Easy to use
    • No adjustments
    • Same Angle - Same Pressure - Both Sides - Everytime!
    Just pm with any interest (this new range is not yet listed on our website but will be very shortly)


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