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Thread: Can you really trust them?

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    Can you really trust them?

    Pcs charged in 'gun sale' probe
    Two Durham police officers have been charged following an investigation into the alleged sale of guns which had been handed in for disposal.

    Pcs Maurice Allen, 47, and Damien Cobain, 41, are charged with misconduct in public office. Pc Allen is also charged with 16 counts of theft.

    The investigation into the officers began in February following a firearms theft at a farmhouse in north Durham.

    The pair are due to appear before magistrates in Newcastle on Friday.

    Criminal activity

    The owner of the stolen weapon told officers he had bought the gun from the police, which led to inquiries being conducted by Durham Police's professional standards department, under the supervision of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

    The two officers were suspended as a result, arrested and interviewed concerning the allegations.

    Pc Allen has nearly 29 years' police service, while Pc Cobain has been with the force for eight years.

    Det Ch Insp Mick Nail, of the force's professional standards department, said: "All the weapons are accounted for and were bought by registered shotgun or firearms certificate holders who had been previously vetted by police.

    "There is nothing to suggest that any of the firearms concerned have been used in any criminal activity."


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    Apart from the original criminal offence, (alleged)??, by the bobbies

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    Gentlemen please,

    let us not display the sort of mentality that is well used amongst the anti brigade. If somebody was a stalker and also accused of poaching, would we think all stalkers are poachers? No of course not, do we as responsible motorists get full of drink and then drive, no of course not, even though drinking and driving is a common crime. The thing is most people are above this sort of thing, can be trusted and and act and think in a fair way, but there will always be a few that spoil it for the rest.

    So please do not demean yourselves and fall into the trap of stereotyping, otherwise you start to sound like one of those, lentil eating, bunny hugging, bath dodging, anti field sport, dole claiming world savers

    Now that would never do for participants in such a noble sport as ours Anyway make no mistake they will not get an easy ride.


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    AAAww!, I really like lentils!

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    You got any recipes Finnbear

    It is very easy to slate an organisation or body because of the actions of a couple of idiots, but in my own experiences the big problem is that the old denial of responsibility & close ranks is still employed.
    This no longer washes with the public, if someone says yep there was a screw up it's going to be sorted openly and honestly we can respect that, but you only have to look at the duplicity around Dunblane & the Menezes shootings.
    We have a very good Police service when compared to many others I have encountered in my travels, its a shame when a few bad apples are able to spoil the barrel

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    There were shennaniggins in North wales firearms not so long back too!

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    Also naughties in the Borders area 4 or 5 years ago. The civilian firearms officer ended up serving a prison sentence - he kept back some pistols and other stuff.

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    Wasn't it a "few" bad apples that lost us law abiding people automatic weapons and pistols and wasn't it us, the law abiding majority that will pay the ultimate price for eternity?

    If we also go back a few months didn't Cheshire police nick one of their own for pretty similar offences? And didn't they use the old chestnut of the firearms didn't get into the hands of crims?

    Sounds to me like we might have a trend going on here.

    Being soft on these idiots won't win you any grace or favour with the Police, they will just twist it and use it as further evidence why there should not be firearms in the community.

    After all it is our fault, if we [the public] had not surrendered these firearms to the Police then they would not have been tempted to sell them for percuniary gain now would they????

    Rant over

    P.s. The effectiveness of the police force is inextricably linked to the support they receive off the public and it is erroding albeit slowly.

    Definately rant over now.



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    So, reading through this thread, that would indicate that the same basic offence was committed in the following Police regions:


    North Wales



    Oh - and recently an FLO was charged with illegally holding a pistol in Devon & Cornwall!

    Just how many Police regions are there?



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    ...And these are the ones we know about Ian

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