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Thread: Alignment of binoculars

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    Alignment of binoculars

    How can I check my bins that they haven't been knocked out of alignment. I am getting a slight blurring around the image, that focusing won't get rid off. They are a 15 year old pair of Zeiss 7x42 BGATS. Or do I need my eyes testing.

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    There is a ophthalmics repair man in Glasgow who can, if anyone, fix that for, he's brilliant.......

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    Email Zeiss and ask about the cost of collimation (Posh word they use to mean making sure both tubes are properly lined up) I am sure they are worth the cost, lovely bins!!


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    Send the binocular to me at;

    Gary Hawkins.
    Carl Zeiss Ltd.
    c/o SDV Ltd
    Evolution Business Park
    Milton Road
    CB24 9NG.

    It can be checked and repaired in our workshops in the UK. If it is a simple problem turnaround will be a few days. The problem you are getting could be caused by tiny scratches on the eye lenses caused by years of cleaning.

    It is worth noting that sending Zeiss binoculars to independent repairers could invalidate any warranties which the instrument may have.

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    garymh did a sterling job of re-collimating my Leica binos a while backl. Still dont know exactly how they went out of colimation but they were spot-on when they came back. Use him with confidence.

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    Do you have any contact details pls ?
    I have a backup pair of Bushnells that need looking at.

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