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Thread: Bush Wear Panther, Cub and Den

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    Bush Wear Panther, Cub and Den

    Does anyone have any comments on the captioned Bush Wear kit? +ve or -ve? I need one that will free stand.
    I read a post (one only) submitted over a year ago raising manufacturing quality issues, but that was some time ago and I'd like to think that any such issues will have been improved upon by Bush Wear

    Alternatively, if you have any other recommendations for portable (with free standing option) high seats, fire away. No pun intended.
    Thanks in advance, Cheers, Paul

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    These are the mobile high seats, right? From memory, one is the basic seat, one the extension to raise it higher off the ground and the other the free standing kit?? Sorry can't remember which is which (or maybe I've got totally the wrong end of the stick!!??).

    Anyway, I've got the basic mobile high seat from Bushwear - build quality seems fine, back up very good (had a problem with one of the rail clamps and new one was delivered next day!). Only slight criticism I've got is that the shooting rail does have a bit of flex in it - I sometimes stick an extendable hide pole between mine and the top step to stiffen things up. It's not going to snap, just a slight bit of "bounce" in it which is no good for longer shots, but I guess this due to it being so light - by throwing a strap over it I can, and have, carried it a few hundred yards with a rifle over the other shoulder. Very comfortable to sit in too.

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    I have the set, the chair and extension are first rate. Light and set up in seconds. The supports to make it free standing are not the work of a moment to set up, they are better regarded for long term placement perhaps after using the lean-to to check the suitabilty of a location. The uprights and cross members are wing-nutted together and are a little fiddley as they form a stressed frame. Took me an hour and a half the first time but I suspect with practice and familiarity that that time could be cut down quite a bit.
    I agree with 75, for longer shots or permanent sites I would prop the shooting rail to take the flex out of it.
    Bit of a tip, place the seat slightly at an angle to the expected shooting lane and then you can rest your rear elbow on the frame to support the butt of the rifle.

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    I plan to use a Gorrilla rest with mine, its a system with a swivel on the top but is totally silent.,1604.html

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