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Thread: Reloading Equipment .270

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    Reloading Equipment .270

    Just looking for some advice. I'm thinking of getting into reloading and wondered what sort of cost is involved in starting? I have a .270 at present and would like to do some home loads however I don't want to spend the earth?

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    I started loading for my .270 with a Lee Loader, a few case prep tools and a wooden mallet!
    total cost less than 50
    another 100 on powder and bullets and you have 300 cartridges worth

    still out performed Norma 130gr factory groups

    what do you want to achieve?

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    Hi Bill, have alook at FS Reloading they have a good array of every thing you need. I started with a Lee C press and still have it works great. dies are about 12 - 25 depending what you want. Basic case prep stuff , powder,bullets and primers should have you up and running for about 100.
    Good luck, it is addictive and dont be afraid to ask "daft" questions.

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    I'd appreciate if anyone knows someone who is selling reloading kit to get in touch. I'm considering buying a kit however would be happy to buy bits and pieces if it works out cheaper.

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