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Thread: Primer change

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    Primer change

    Probably due to the recent bulk buying mayhem both here and across the water primers seem to be in short supply around here i normally use CCI large rifle the common or garden variety but my local supplier only has the bench rest version.
    Im sure you lot have tried these out i was just wondering what the difference is and do i need to revise my loads

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    Hi Drag, I can only answer half your question as I only use the bench rest version which I find excellent. I very much doubt if switching will have much impact upon your loads but prudence dictates checking this and working up.

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    Don't know that there would be much difference,i'm the same as Penyard,all I've ever used in .243 and 30-06 they certainly are ok but also suggest you work your loads up just to be on the safe side.

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    Thats what i thought as well might put them in the back of the cabinet for the future if i get short of the others

    ​Cheers lads Drag

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    CCI advise using the same data to reload as for standard primers.
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    very little difference if any in burn rate between the two.
    I didnt even change and work up, just used same loads and the zero was exactly the same for 130gr .270 loads

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    thanks for the info lads

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    Found no difference in my .308.

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