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Thread: more sporting rifle bashing

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    more sporting rifle bashing

    I used to really enjoy this magazine, now if Mike Powell would write for someone else I would cancel.

    Pete Carrs defence of the American woman blazing away over southern scotland is laughable.

    The next worse thing is the fact that they are just an unashamed advertising vehicle with almost all of the writers either self promoting or angling for freebies. The true extent of this is in this months roe rut article where by far away the best buck reported as shot in the rut is in full winter coat?!?

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    buck in rut in winter coat??? SUSPECT DISEASE - ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING

    Hold on a minute Sporting Rifle you say,

    it will be a made up story down the pub with PC and his top expert chums. Experts at exploiting the shooting community for personal gain that is.

    All those that now the history know the level of credibility he generated for himself but to be fair, people that don't know better think he's great

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