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Thread: CF2 Rennovation

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    CF2 Rennovation

    Hi All, Tried to Zero the Stutzen over the weekend and despite a firm rest (out of the wind) it would not produce a three shot group of less than 2 inches at 100 yards. Lisenfeld scope, all screws tight and as far as can tell, nothing unusual touching between barrel and woodwork.
    All help and advice really apprieciated.
    The trigger has a bit of creep, should I consider buying a Double set one (John Knibbs occasionally has them).
    Is it worth getting the action bedded.
    Should I get the barrel free floated.
    What sort of money are we talking.

    I could do these Myself, but don't want to muck any of it up. The woodwork is really good and dont want to spoil anything.

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    im sure brithunter will help out but i have a cf2 stutzen in 270 and if i am correct ithink it should have a front pressure mount at the tip of the rifle i know the stocks are thin towards the front. lovely rifle by the way i really like mine trigger is nice so i am sure you will be able to sort that without getting another, atb wayne
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    check with different ammo first, and check the crown for inconsistencies.

    chances are it's just a non-fit between ammo and barrel tbh.

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    Just out of interest take the nosecap off the stock and shoot a few rounds without it. A fried had a similar rifle and was told it would shoot a lot better without the nosecap, it worked for him.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Pkl, Tried 120, 129 and 155 grain bullet loads and that's the best group I could get (120 grain) I then shot the 120 grainers through my Sako(same cal obviously) and the three shot group came out at a fraction over 0.75 inches. the CF2 would usually shoot to 1 inch before the problem.

    Will have a look through Magnifying glass to check Crown.

    Many thanks for your input, Eric.

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    Bsa rifles in general like long ammunition my majestic in 270 would only shoot Norma ammo to about 6 inches but Winchester to an inch so I pulled 200 rounds of Norma and made them the same length as the Winchester and they shot an inch.
    My CF2 in 6.5 x 55 was a stutzen and I could not get it to shoot less than 1 1/2 inches so I un stutzened it it now shoots 1/2 inch.
    I don't know if this helps or not.

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    The band at the end of my cf2 stuzen has been removed,and is now free floating all the way.when i fixed my sling nut and screw i just made shure that the nut sat in the hole and nothing touched the barrell.It has also been bedded but has the standard single trigger,which i too am contemplating fitting a double set trigger,but i have found it to be an exeptionally accurate rifle with my homeloads.

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    My Mannlicher stutzen will shoot 0.75"/100yds all day long with anything that will go bang. However, that doesn't help you.

    'Should I get it bedded?' Is there any reason to get it bedded? i.e. with everything tightened properly (which is not quite the same as tightened until it feels right) is there any movement within the stock? This can be a problem with poor inlets (particularly on new guns) or with actions that have worked themselves loose (often associated with overtightening and over use of gun oil leading to softening of the wood).

    'Should I get it free floated?' Without wishing to reignite that debate, there are advantages and disadvantages but generally, if you believe it will shoot better if free floated then it probably will. However, in the first instance, start by checking the usual suspects - is the fore end warped? (particularly with stutzens who don't appreciate being leant over at an angle for long periods), is there a sling/bipod stud which either off centre/angle or is through the wood and bearing on the barrel? has the end cap been whacked by something. The original stock design would have had a bearing pad (probably a few inches from the end cap) cut in the barrel channel to provide a few pounds of upward pressure - is this still there (or has someone already 'free floated' it)? has it been compressed (again by over tight fixings and oil saturation) so that it isn't providing sufficient pressure? has someone put a shim in to provide more upforce? is the end cap tight?


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    It won't take a few minutes to remove the end cap and try it. If it doesn't improve matters simply replace it and look elsewhere for the problem. No cost and no harm done. My friend found an immediate improvement with his rifle.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The BSA Stutzens "End Cap" is made of Rose Wood and it fixed to the stock. It is not removable without damage.

    ​Firstly I would check that the bedding is not compressed and that there is not debris interfering with anything. So pull the stock off. When you have the action screws out check their seats in the alloy bottom plate as I have known them get distorted due to ham fisted people. On the old 22/250 I had decades back that had happened so made up steel top hat inserts and machined out the alloy to accept them to restore their position. That was he only one I had seen like it but if one can be done then tis possible for it to happen to others I suppose.

    Once the metal is separated for the stock get some brake clutch cleaner and wash out the trigger mechanism then once it's clean try the trigger and adjust if required.

    Also check the front sling screw is not going in too far and touching the barrel.

    After cleaning and making sure the action fits into the stock securely and the action screws are tightening down without bottoming out in the front hole re-test an see how it goes. I expect an improvement.

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