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Thread: the best binoculars?

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    the best binoculars?

    hi guys looking at replacing my present binos which are a german make esenbach which when i brought cost me 450 about 10 yrs ago but looking at replacing money not a big object what could anyone suguest ?

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    Swarovski as their Customer service is the best and their glass is good(Although I prefer S&B scopes) , I have 10x42 EL's, which can be difficult to hold steady without a slight shake through the lens (Especially when you have spotted the Deer and the adrenalin starts) the 8.5x42 would stop this and I know many on here use them.

    I also have a pair of 8.5x43 Minox HG's which are very good, (I bought these when my Swarovski bins got damaged prior to me getting them sent off for repair) The Minox cost lass than half the price and I must say, I was impressed.

    I will be selling the Minox when I get home though, so if your interested let me know.


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    Swarovski 7X42 SLC, very good optics and excellent customer service! Had a problem with mine a few years ago and got them repaired and re vamped absolutely free! They are now over 15 years old and still going strong 8)

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    Swarovski 7,8 or 10. EL or SLC. 32mm, 42mm, 50mm. You wouldn't be disapointed with any of them. Buy from bird watching shop rather than gunshop. Zeiss and Lieca great too. Try CleySpy in Norfolk, they often have some great 2nd hand stuff too. Having said all this, if money is no object, should you be considering binos with built in rangefinder? JC

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    I'm using the Steiner Skyhawk 8x42's until I can afford the Nighthunter ones... The Skyhawks are very light, robust, cost less than 300 and have been great so far...

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    Like Pippa I like my Steiners, 8x56 night hunter. A bit on the bulky side perhaps but fantastic light gathering capability. colour definition is amazing, picking out a bit of deer hide in a wood in autumn colours lets you get onto deer you would have missed with lesser binocs.
    Having said all that I see the newer ones have centre focus rather than on each eyepiece. would prefer that.

    Changing the subject a little but still on the fact that quality always costs,
    my first pair of binos which I still have but are very battered were Optomax 7x50. Cost me 10 39 years ago. always did everything I needed. Likewise first rifle, a Parker Hale safari in 270Win. Cost 16 new
    Nikko stirling gold crown scope and mounts 10 new. My biggest regret is that I traded it in, they gave me 40. Just to put things in perspective my weekly wage was 16. There, I bet that makes me sound like Methusalah's grandad!

    You know what they say "buy the best and cry once."

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    Cyberstag, I remember they changed the currency when I was an apprentice, 4.93p when I looked in the packet! , Might be old enough to rub shoulders with Methuselah

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    Mine was three pounds seventeen shillings and sixpence a week in 1965.
    But back on subject, I went the normal route and have a box full of not good enough binos last was Steiner 7x50 they did not cut it with 55 years old eye pupils cracking up in dusk/dawn and snowy night-time on the boar conditions (age sucks) so I bit the bullet and went for a pair of new Zeiss Victorys in 2005, cost me 1145 euros but they have repaid me every cent spent.
    Anyone need a full box of C''p binos? Ha Ha.

    Good stalking


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    I have had, Swarovski SLC's, El's and Zeiss victory all 10x42 but the Leica 10x42 ultravid HD's I have now topped them all for me.

    I find that optics can be a very individual thing, the Leicas are the best for my eyes but, it may not be the same for you.

    The ones I really want to have a look through will be the new EL's in HD.


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    I purchased a pair of Zeiss Victory RF 10x45 about 6 months ago and love them ! I upgraded from a pair of Zeiss Conquest 10x40 and the difference is massive (as was the price difference!)

    My good lady wife has a pair of Minox 10x40, cost about 200, and they are a solid very clear pair of bins.

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