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Thread: New member from Kent

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    New member from Kent

    Hi all

    My name is Steve, I am 33 years old and DSC1 qualified and from Kent, I have registered for DSC 2 and am looking forward to a trip to arran on the basc scheme in November.

    I have taken the plunge and registrered for my DSC 2 portfolio from the British Deer society and was wondering if there were any DSC2 Accredited witnesses that use the forum or maybe one you can recommend to me that you have experience of.

    I did my DSC 1 course in March and am booked on the BASC isle of Arran stalking scheme week in November this year. I am attending this course with my neighbour and good friend who is DSC 2 accredited and therefore deemed a credible witness for the purpose of completing my portfolio. I am hoping that while on the scheme I may get the opportunity of a stalk with an accredited witness but should that not be the case then I will be looking for an economical alternative closer to home. Any help gratefully received

    All the best


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    i am an aw and live in kent
    where abouts in kent are you

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    I am in maidstone mate. Thanks for the reply.


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    Hi Steve,

    I often spend time in my house in Dover. my main home is Germany, I retired early so I now come back to the UK as much as possible.

    I will be stalking on the first week in Arran this year, am doing the Midland Game Fair on Saturday 19th and then on up to Arran on Sunday 20th.
    Pm me, as I leave Germany Monday morning and only have a mobile in UK no email working yet.



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