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Thread: 3 days Traditional Hunting for Moose with Dogs in Lapland

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    3 days Traditional Hunting for Moose with Dogs in Lapland

    No Trophy fees on Bull Moose
    17,000 hectare private hunting ground (Inside the Arctic Circle!)
    £1150 + Flights
    Transfers, Cabin accommodation, License and translator included

    Moose hunting in Lapland is done the original way, with Moose dogs that will find the Moose which will move out of the drive to the hunters stands. Each hunter will be able to hear the dog when it has contact with a moose because of the barking which is the signal a Moose is in the drive. When the moose moves the dog moves with the moose and does not bark. Then again when the moose stands still the dog will bark and the hunters will hear it, most of the time. It is a very exiting way of hunting, and you can feel your adrenalin race in your veins when you experience the dog bark getting closer and closer. The Moose is real wild animal, no guarantees can be made that you will shoot a moose or see one especially if you canít stay quiet, they are much smarter then they look!

    A typical moose hunting day will start about 8 in the morning with a briefing which will be done every day. Thereafter we will drive out in the forest for the first drive of the day. After two or three shorter drives we will have lunch out in the wild. This will be with a camp fire and time to talk about the day so fare. After a relaxed lunch we will head out for more drives in the afternoon. The amount of the daily drives depends on various things such as number of animals shot, seen and other things that can influence the drives. Typically there will be about 3-4 drives daily when Moose are shot. After the last drive all hunters will get picked up and we will drive back to the cabin and start the preparations for dinner, and of course the sauna will be warmed. After relaxing sauna and a good meal we relax chat about the day and after a few beers or something more of a blast, it will be time for a good sleep.

    The hunting can guarantee beautiful countryside, great company and a genuine chance to see and shoot for Moose. This is not to mention the lasting memories and other wildlife and excitement of the hunt. It should not be expected that every hunter will see a Moose but on a normal hunt there will be several chances for Moose to be shot.

    PRICE £1150 + Fights (start at £142 inc rifle with Norwegian Air)

    Trip 1
    Travelling to Grounds 27th Sep, Hunting 28, 29, & 30th Sep. Returning 1st Oct
    Trip 2
    Travelling 10th Oct, Hunting 11, 12, & 13thOct. Returning 14th Oct

    If you're ready for the trip of a lifetime then drop me a PM with your number and we can have a chat, good hunting all.


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    Hi Christian

    Is there a min calibre? My 6.5x55 has been taking animals of this size for years, but I don't know if there's legislation in place nowadays for .30cal and up...

    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
    "You have enemies? Good. That means youíve stood up for something, sometime in your life."
    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)

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    Hi,this sounds interesting,what extras will need to be paid for?What equipment will we need eg what calibre etc?


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    Iain, I'm going on trip 1 with some friends, 6.5 is minimum calibre for moose and there's very little 'extras' but we buy our own food. We hire a radio out there for £10 a day so that everyone can stay in contact and when moose is moving we can get a heads up etc.

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    I assume this is in Finland (Sweden is very similar but I didn't find the requirements with a quick search) so legal minimum is:

    - 9 gram expanding bullet and 2700 Joule at 100m


    - 10 gram expanding bullet and 2000 Joule at 100m

    6.5x55 has hard time satisfying the 2700J limit so 10 gram (155gr) bullet is better. It's still on the light side but legal requirements are met. Bullet selection is of importance also.

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    What sort of range do you work from?ie what scope is required?

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    Hi iain

    6,5x55 is fine. As long as the bullet is over 10g then you will forfill all legislations.

    Thanks Christian

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    Last time I was out I had just my normal variable scope. The moose aren't like driven pigs and they wander stopping quite often even when the dogs are on them. Any sort of 3-9 mag or 3-12 mag is ideal because there is a chance for longer shots, most shots will be from close to normal stalking ranges.

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    Hi Martin

    Extras you are looking at Hunting Radio which is obligatory 35 euros for the 3 day. Then there is food. Calibres from 6,5x55 and up are fine with a bullet over 10g. That should be it really... if intrested Pm me for info.

    Thanks Christian

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