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Thread: crispi stegg gtx boots

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    crispi stegg gtx boots

    hi lads eney one on hear use the crispi stegg gtx boots are they eney good if you have a pair how well are they standing up to deer stalking my mendel dover extream are finaly giving up 5 years of total abuse and never let a drip of water in your thought gents

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    currently my boot of choice, I would recommend a size up if you do get some because like all Italian made boots they are a tad on the small side so an 8 is more a 7 and a half. Mine seem to be doing well, the only gripe I have is the time it takes to lace them but once on they are very comfy and give superb support especially around the ankle area (very important on rough ground especially for a gammy ankled critter like me). I've had meindl in the past and they are indeed a benchmark for boots, but so far i'm more than happy with my crispi stegg. I got a good deal from marsh farm country supplies on ebay, they came very quick.
    they don't squeak either!!!

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    Yip another crispi user, not had any issues as yet.


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    I've started stocking the Crispi Kanada boot at work, I use a pair myself and very happy so far.


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    thanks lads put offer in on ebay for 170posted should be hear next week thanks

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    If they don't accept you offer give me a pm

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