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Thread: 1" or 30mm scope?

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    1" or 30mm scope?

    Hello all... I'm pondering various scopes. Can anyone tell me do 30mm scope tubes gain much over the more standard (and cheaper) 1" tube?.


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    its up to you. its personal choice the human eye of a baby can only dilate to 7mm adult eye can only manage 5-6mm. all scopes offer a max of 7mm. the objective lenses divided by magnification. will give you mm of light able to reach the eye. tube wont change that. the quality of lenses will. or size of the lenses.

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    from what i can work out the only difference is that a 30mm tube will offer you more internal adjustment - ideal if you are shooting long distance and dial in. But no great benefits in light gathering.

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    I have tw s&b 8x56 scopes one 30mil tube on my 243 which i use for wood land stalking
    & the other 1inch tube on my 308 for the hill.
    The difference very little in my opinion.

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    Thanks all,light gathering and transmission are what I was really interested in.
    Weeman...that direct comparison is very useful, thank you.

    I think I'll be sticking to 1" as it'll make swapping scopes easier re mounts etc.


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