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Thread: Which .308?

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    Which .308?

    ​I have 2 .308's, a Remington LTR (Light Tactical Rifle) 20 inch barrel, internal 4 shot box mag. I thought I'd use this as my main stalking rifle as I get along with it just fine.

    But, I have another .308 a Steyr SSG 69 which is mainly used for range work. It has a longer 26 inch barrel and is nicer to shoot than the LTR, better trigger, low lift angle bolt which gives a very quick back up shot, also a detachable 5 shot mag which doesn't protrude below the stock.

    The only thing with a 26 inch barrel it's getting a bit long with the moderator fitted (reflex type Wildcat Predator 8), so I was thinking of having it shortened to 20 inches, has anyone had any experience of doing this?, or should I just get on with using it.

    I'm thinking of selling one of them so I need to make my mind up .


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    Keep the Steyr for target use, sell the Remington and buy a dedicated light weight stalking rifle.
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    Thanks. that's another way of looking at it.

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    Ditch the Remmy for a .308 Steyr Scout

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