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Thread: EU firearms questionnaire - mass response needed

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    EU firearms questionnaire - mass response needed

    Hi! Guy's. We need you to respond to this!

    BASC is urging all shooters to complete an online European-wide questionnaire entitled “A common approach to reducing the harm caused by criminal use of firearms in the EU”. Taking part will only take a few minutes of your time. Most of the multiple choice questions are biased and the results could be used to gain legitimacy from ‘public opinion’ in order to further restrict the legal acquisition and possession of civilian firearms. There is no link between the legal ownership of firearms and the illicit trafficking of firearms.

    Please answer all the questions by clicking on option 1. For some questions, it may feel like option 1 is a bit extreme but please bear in mind that virtually all the other options are biased and result in your agreement that some EU action is needed. You do not need to answer the optional questions that request additional comments (questions B.4, C.11, D.5 and E.6).

    ATB Barry

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    I completed the questionnaire but all the time I was asking myself what the f has this got to do with Europe, we have a set of sovereign laws that fully cover this area.

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    With the sovereignty emanating from Brussels?
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    Funny, when I saw this yesterday, I thought "Why the hell has it taken BASC a month to send out a mailing on this?"

    The consultation will be used to create EU policy direction. How much this will affect UK with stricter laws than Europe already is questionable.

    Key thing as we all agreed on here at the time is to have our say along with the much larger and more powerful shooting community in Europe. Or you could let Brian May be the only UK voice heard.
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    Two responses from Me & She, when it hit the front page.
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    I've filled it in and sent my response back. Im guessing its taken BASC a bit of time to ask its members to fill it in using only option 1 for all the questions as they have had to look into it.
    Come on everyone lets not let the EU take our Firearms away.

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    Have filled it in, most of the questions option 1.
    have to say that I used different options with the questions relating to firearms smuggling as I do think a Europe wide concerted effort might be best on this area only?

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    Mostly 1 except for Arms trafficing etc.

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    i've just filled in all the questions as option 1, did not know anything about this until reading on SD, i am not a member of BASC through political reasons, I'm in national gamekeepers who have not seen anything they send out may be wrong, everyone should fill this in

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