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Thread: .30 cal jet z

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    .30 cal jet z

    Hi guys,

    just sent my ticket in for a variation and if it all comes back ok I will be looking for another .30 cal jet z with the blaser 15x1 spigot if any one has anything surplus to requirements?
    hopefuly I will have my ticket back at the end of the week and know for sure.

    many thanks bullet

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    If you find one 2nd hand with a different thread, Jackson's will be able to swap it out for the one you need for a small fee.

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    cheers jagged, thats handy to know!

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    I may have one ? But ur not avin it ha ha

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    dont think you have cwd but bet your mates got 1!!!

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    Ha ha that wouldnt surprise me in the least

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