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Thread: Cogswell & Harrison BLE (Avant Tout) (1896) (12b)

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    Cogswell & Harrison BLE (Avant Tout) (1896) (12b)

    Dear All,

    For sale is my 12b S/S Cogswell & Harrison BLE (Avant Tout), originally built in 1896. I bought this in 2007 for 1690 and spent nearly 500 having the action properly serviced, the barrels checked and the stock professionally extended to suit a modern-day shooter [it is now the same length as a Beretta 687].

    The certificate of authenticity that I have attached a photo of includes all technical details [other than of course the stock is now longer], but for those having trouble viewing it has 30inch barrels, double triggers, ejectors and there are no marks at all on the barrels or blueing, other than the usual wear where the fore-end attaches. The blueing on the screws was re-done when it was serviced. There are some small marks on the stock which you can see in the photos. I used the gun for three seasons and never had any problems whatsoever.

    I now - for my sins - shoot only O/U's so this has sat in the cabinet unused for three seasons. I put this on Guntrader last year for 1700, which I thought was reasonable, but had only two enquiries and none that got as far as a viewing. I've now decided that - particularly as there is no more room in the cabinet - I may as well rehome the gun to someone who will actually use it so have decided to just take a hit on the price.

    1100, which includes the smart leather motor-case you see in the picture and about 250 Lyavalle Express Supreme Game shells and 12b cleaning kit that I no longer have any use for [my O/U's are all 20's].

    I'm based in Fulham, SW London if you would like to view or happy to RFD for 25.

    Any questions, please let me know.

    Mauser M03.
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    Forgot to add my mobile number should you wish to call over the weekend to discuss: 07894 095 342

    Best regards,

    Mauser M03

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    I've been advised to put this on Guntrader for at least 1700, closer to the start of the season. Given my original offer, however, happy to let it go to a proven TSD member before then at the price stated above.

    Best regards,

    Mauser M03
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