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Thread: Hello from Dorset

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    Hello from Dorset

    Hi all,

    I've been shooting rifles in various guises for nearly 15 years with various jobs, clubs and organisations but only recently have found myself in a position to apply for my FAC as I tend to work away a bit too much.

    Introduced the missus to shotguns in the last couple of years and she has seriously caught the bug...looks like I can finally justify a few new toys so that I can introduce her to rifles and live quarry.

    As I still probably won't have enough time to commit to serious vermin control on any permissions then I'm guessing we'll mainly be a target shooters for the near future.......hope you don't mind me hanging around and listening in.

    I know this is a rifle forum but whilst I wait for the FAC, if any like minded soles fancy scaring a few clays near Dorset then I would be happy to meet up.


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    Hi there Hubris

    Based in Christchurch. If you need anything, or just fancy a beer, then shout.


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    Very kind of you. I'm just the other side of Bournemouth so no doubt our paths will cross at some point.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabnosh View Post
    Hi there Hubris

    Based in Christchurch. If you need anything, or just fancy a beer, then shout.

    Welcome Hubris, maybe you could have a chat with my wife Beer sounds good, a Dorset meet maybe.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hey guys,

    A Dorset meet could well be an idea. I'm north Dorset just outside Shaftesbury. Welcome Hubris!


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    Thank you for the welcomes. A quite beer sometime sounds good.

    I've got another three week business trip starting next week so the missus wants to scare some clays Saturday (tommorrow) if anyone wants to join us. I feel clingy offering already but I'll be away for a moth otherwise!

    Steve, I can bring a soft shooting 20 with some spare subsonics if your missus wants to try a softer shooting gun. While I'm at it I can bring a spare 12 or even 410! if anyone else doesn't normally shoot shotgun and wants to try. I better say I'm no shotgun coach and you're better off having proper lessons but I'm a rifle coach and happy to supervise you 'having a go' with my guns with some bad advice thrown in for free!

    Was thinking Purbeck but happy to venture elsewhere.


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