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Thread: buying & transporting firearms!!

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    buying & transporting firearms!!

    hi,i'm new to the site and would like some help if possible,as i live on a island of scotland how would i go about getting a second hand rifle from uk mainland from a private seller or shop to where i live,there is only one rfd on the island that i know of so i'm pretty limited,also what sort of costs are involved?many thanks in advance!!

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    You are at the mercy of whatever your RFD will choose to charge!

    You can arrange to purchase from either private individual or another RFD ( Gunseeker, Guntrader etc) and they will forward the rifle to your local RFD. (you provide his address and contact details). Expect a charge of 25 to cover shipping by secure courier.

    Your RFD will then sign it onto your FAC - charging whatever he wishes for his time.

    Good luck


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    I had a gun sent up to a local RFD, he said the supplier often sends a handling fee to him, however when my gun arrived I paid 20 as his handling fee. I wasn't bothered especially as the option is to leave a gun you have paid for at his shop. I suppose the better course of action is to ask the supplier if a fee for your local RFD is included when you are paying. I do use several RFD's in different parts of the midlands and there is only this one where I have interesting experiences.I keep thinkin I'll vote with my feet, but its like having a springer, you are never quiet sure whats going to happen next.

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    yup I got myself fuming over this type of situation, I bought an old winchester through AirgunBBS, really decent guy who trades from home cracking rifle and a gooddeal to boot.
    I had spent several thousand quid with our local dealers, we asked him to do this for us he agreed but wanted paying 15 -20 quids, as it was something he couldn't supply.
    Then he started getting the ump on wanting me to send my FAC to the other dealer so he wasn't liable for the proof of the gun only the carriage.
    I was going out stalking that week and it was inconvenient, he got shirty I told him to forget it and that I would not be buying anything else of him, his loss not mine.
    Turned out we were stalking an hour from where the dealer lived picked it up had a cuppa an a chinwag

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    Some dealers really do get funny about transfers. I don't mind paying them a bit for their time (I don't like to be expected to do something for nothing so why should they?) but some really do push their luck. It can't take that long to do the paperwork for a firearm transfer surely?

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    Fair comment - but having seen the time taken to package the item, muck about factor while waiting for the courier to collect, time taken to contact and obtain faxed detail of receiving dealer RFD etc etc..........

    I guess it is not that good a way to make a profit!



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    Ian you are missing the point, firstly the item is packed by the RFD selling the item not the receiver.
    The idea was that it was an exchange scheme create a dealer network so that the dealers could sell firearms to customers outside their region when our wise and benevolent rulers changed all the shipping laws.

    You generally find it is the awkward ones who cry loudest when it doesn't go their way, if I have a client who spends good money I do them a favour. As in my case I wanted mod and ammo, I would have bought it of the guy I asked to sort out the shipping. He lost out on the sales, & repeat sales through being a ********.

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