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Thread: What Parker Hale/Action? Please help.

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    What Parker Hale/Action? Please help.

    Hi all,

    Can any of you experienced forum members help on the identification of the .243 Parker Hale rifle below?

    I am looking to change the stock but need to know the action/model to know whick stocks will fit.

    Best regards, Ben

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    mauser 98 large ring mate ,what stock are you after?. atb wayne
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    Hi there, Purchased one but need to send it back.

    I'm looking for a selection that will fit the action to 'update' the gun.


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    You have what appears to be a P-H Model 1000. depending upon when it was made it could have the action made by several makers. P-H did not make their own until very late I believe with the M84. For many years P-H sourced actions from Santa Barbra in Spain. Often with the stock off SPAIN can be seen on the side of the rear tang.

    P-H also used some FN actions as well the early ones were built on German actions.

    US firms like Boyds are familar with P-H rifles as are Richards Microfit stocks.

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