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Thread: Sauer out the box accuracy (not )

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    Sauer out the box accuracy (not )

    A friend has just taken charge of a sauer 243, with quick release mounting system developed by sauer for a sauer. This pretty setup has cost him in the ball park of 6500.
    He has been playing around with different rounds and the best grouping gained was 3 inch, mainy 3 together and a couple of flyers out of 5 shot groups. No order as in the barrel heating up just random combinations.
    So after speaking to sauer they confirmed there had a problem with the mounting system he then booked an appointment and today was the day of reckoning..........

    After a long drive down and several different rounds tested by sauer in bench rest conditions they produced their test results. A 2 1/2 inch group............
    According to sauer this more than acceptable group?

    He owns quite a few rifles tikka, x bolts, Cz, all these rifles with factory ammo with a bit of tinkering have produced 3/4 to an inch groups.
    i have a semi custom and a standard sako and anshutz but load my own but all these group less than 3/4 inch with factory ammo. All my rifles wouldn't cost the same as a his sauer.

    The question I'm asking is, are we expecting too much from this rifle.

    ​Cause I think I'd rather own the cheapest 40 quid secondhand battered unloved piece of s..t that shoots 3/4 inch all day than spend 6500 on a pretty lovely crafted piece of engineering than put in to field conditions you would be luck to hit deer at 50 yards in the vitals.

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    Is that Sauer's view or Garland's view ? My .243 Sauer stutzen will put 5 shot groups @ 70gr under 1/2", 85 gr 1/2 -3/4", But 90 gr open up to 2" all at 100m.
    Would NOT be happy at 2.5" ! Mine was used and less than a grand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    swap it for a blaser
    regards pete

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    I have 2 Sauer 202s (.243 & .308) both sub 1" at 100 yds with either my home loads or RWS factory. There is something way wrong with yours, and no way can anyone say a 2.5" group is acceptable.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Shot plenty of 202's, always been very very accurate with lots of different ammo.

    Something is seriously wrong. Where did he buy it?

    I don't remember that being an acceptable group at the factory testing.
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    See if you can get someone to borescope it as Sauer had a "problem" with it's barrel manufacturing process not so long ago. Your friend may have got one of those lemons.

    IMHO Sako is the way to go. None of their rifles leave the factory if they won't group 1" or less (shot by a human being not a machine).

    Best of luck
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    definitely something wrong there. My 6.5x55 shoots 1/2 to 3/4 no probs. I would be sending back for refund. There is always the chance of a lemon, no reason they just happen.

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    Completely unacceptable . . .I doubt Sauer would be getting told to stick it where the sun don't shine.
    I would expect even the cheapest of the factory offering to shoot significantly tighter groups than that.

    Just out of interest, what twist rate does it have . . .and what weight of bullets did they / he try ?

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