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Thread: Load for 270 Winchester 110gr Hornady VMax with H4831SC

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    Load for 270 Winchester 110gr Hornady VMax with H4831SC

    Hi all,

    Just thought I would post a load that I am having a lot of success with at the moment. I am pushing this 270 110gr VMax bullet using 60.5gr H4831SC powder through my Sako A7 and it is performing very well. I havent chronographed it to find out the exact velocity, but i believe it to be traveling at 3136fps. I have shot a target out at 600 yards and wacked it smack on line, but 2 inches off to the side because of windage. I am very very impressed with this load and thought I would share it with you all.


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    Have you shot any deer with it yet? Accuracy is only half the story

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    very hot load be careful people

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    I run the same bullet at 59gns of H4831 and thought that was pretty much maximum - any more and I get a rapid build up of pressure signs, particularly hard extraction. It is very, very accurate, but stupidly messy on deer - best kept for shooting stuff you don't want to eat. I'll have to check my load records for the chrono readings, as I think it is going faster than 3,130FPS.

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    61.3gr in 100gr

    54gr for 130gr

    so somewhere inbetween

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    28 Roe and 3 foxes and a big Billy in 3 months. So accounting for a few

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    Just double checked the max loa for this and it is 62gr. I'm not showing any signs of pressure, but all guns shoot and act differently with the same load. I have just found that I am having a reasonable amount of success with this setup.

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    same bullet weight in v-max or sierra prohunters 56 grains H414 and fed 210 match primer..... not sure on speed but I load for accuracy anyway.

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