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Thread: Scum bag poachers / chancers

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    Scum bag poachers / chancers

    Reading the lost dogs post is worrying that things like this are becoming more common. I donít know if its the credit crunch or wherever there is just more scum bags out there these days but we have seen a remarkable increase in poaching and thefts in our area over the summer than previous ones. Has anyone else seen an increase in poaching this time around?

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    Yes, both are on the increase in my area.

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    just remember the shooting season has just begun
    and lots of shooters out there looking for a cheap, trained dog
    so stolen will make no odds as i am sure they realise i, f it comes cheap there must be something not quite right
    but still they buy because it's cheap or bargain as they might quote
    those people that buy such dogs are just as much scum as those that steal to order or as supply demands

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    Scumbag Poachers/ Chancers

    Clive and all, Not poaching but theft nevertheless.
    We had all 40 hens stolen from our smallholding three weeks ago. The Holding is not near our house and along a bridle path. Shut the hens up at 9pm to find them all gone at 8am followning monrning. Gate lifted off the hinges and locks to pens ripped off. I can cope with this but the worst thing of all was that I had taken our 7 year old grandson up to feed the hens. He was devastated and that really made me angry.
    The police were called and I have an incident number. To their credit they have taken this seriously and have followed up leads and someone contacted them through 'Crimestoppers' which they followed up.
    WE are determined not to let it get us down and have rescued a load of ex Battery hens. this is great fun teaching them to feed off the ground, trying to get them to perch and hoping they will grow feathers before winter.

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    Sad times indeed, I now make sure I get the vehicle numbers that come down into our cul-de-sac, I put up railings round our place a few years back after I disturbed a burglar who was lining up power tools from my workshop,(he was empty handed when he left!), but just the last few days my elderly neighbour who has a little trouble with memory loss has been mithered to distraction by Pikeys who want her caravan, I keep intercepting them when I can, the last time I stopped them , the lead pikey tried to engage me in conversation(I could have done with an interpreter), so I made a point of polishing the cctv warning on the railings, he was gone in quick time! If I lived in the states things would be a lot simpler

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    There has been a lot of bother with "travellers" in rural Ireland over the years. About two years ago here in the north, there was a spate of robberies where old people in isolated country areas were targeted. Tied up, beaten up, houses ransacked. Couple of travellers got jailed, it all stopped.

    Best guess in N Ireland is that 90% plus of rural crimes - mainly thefts, are down to these so called "travellers".

    If you meet them, you have to be prepared to get in their faces. If they turn up at your door trying to sell stuff, hunt them back onto the road. If they think you are a nutter, all the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler
    About two years ago here in the north, there was a spate of robberies where old people in isolated country areas were targeted.
    I would have been sorely tempted to have a word with the local RA OC. They tend to take a robust approach to anything they consider anti-social behaviour and having no kneecaps tends to limit your effectiveness as a tealeaf. 8)

    (I think we need a Smiley with a black beret as well as the shades - and possibly an M1911A1?)

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