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Thread: rare thing today

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    rare thing today

    Well i never thought this would happen. Got a call todsy from the rspca asking if someone could attend to a industrial unit and despatch a seagull caught in a net. At last they see sense i thought. Well not so fast. Yesterday they were there with not one but two fire engines and police to direct traffic. They unfortunatly couldnt reach the gull. So today i attended. Met the rspca officer. Put ladder up got a safe angle and and dealt with it with the air rifle.

    Not sure weather it was nerves or releif of a good shot but i was more wobbly coming down the ladder than going up.

    Anyway this is probably the only time i will ever be asked to do this by the rspca so just glad it went well

    Regards pete

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    Peter are you a pro pest controller ? And if you are who paid, the Charity or property owner ?

    ​cheers P

    just looked you up in details, need not have asked part one !
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