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Thread: air rifle for a 8 yr old

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    air rifle for a 8 yr old

    Im looking for info on a half decent air rifle to get for a 9yr old which is fairly light.
    Also i would like to know you need a licience in scotland.
    kind regards

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    Hi I was sent this text by a mate a couple of days ago I could let you have his number.
    I have a Winchester model 1000x .177 air rifle with a BSA scope that I'm looking to sell. Do you know of anyone that might be interested?


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    We got an SMK air rifle for our very small 10 yr old daughter. Cheap. Very light. Seems ideal. Nice short stock for small people.

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    Weihrauch do a cracking little .177 springer model running at 6 ft/lbs - the HW 25L model.
    Probably the best pre-charged without doubt for a junior is the Air Arms S200 (or T200) model which is very small, light but extremely accurate and full power! My lad quickly outgrew the springer. Given the choice again I would go straight for the AA S200.

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    Another vote for an S200. I have 2, one in 10m guise, the other scoped, moderated etc. Fantastic little rifles.

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    S200 absloutely excellent, reliable, quiet highly accurate. However I think bestto start with springer and open sights they learn better gun control. cannot remember the one i purchased for my no 3 son 3yrs ago, but it is excellent plasic thumbhole stock, light, accurate and very useable.


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    I agree with the AA200 a very good rifle. However another choice for a good one that lasts and lasts is the BSA Ultra. I have the multishot model and it's excellent.

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    SSa200 belting rifle and will last a lifetime .

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    I have a .22 Daystate Mirage XLR PCP with a walnut stock. Lovely little gun. The XLR stands for extra light rifle and at 4.5lbs I believe it is one of the lightest. Typical perfect PCP accuracy, only disadvantages are that it is single shot and to keep it light the aluminium air receiver only has the capacity for around 30 shots.

    Certainly at least half decent!


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    Diana have a nice new springer for young shots called the Model 11. It has a stock spacer system so the gun can grow with the shooter.

    If that doesn't appeal, I'd second the little Weihrauch model 25L, but also suggest you consider the rather better, but a bit heavier, model 30S, if your youngster is happy with the heft/dimensions.

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