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Thread: Hello from the Black Country

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    Hello from the Black Country

    Hi all my name is Aidan and im 29, although i have been reading the threads on the site for a couple of weeks now, this is my first post.
    Before i start i just wanted to say that this seems to be a wonderful site with many wise and helpful characters whom i hope to get along with in the future!

    Im an ex army royal signals soldier, i served nearly ten years and have fired many firearms in a tactical capacity but not usually at distances more than 3-400 metres. My hobbies are all outdoor related and i enjoy mountaineering/hiking and outdoor green woodcraft. I have recently left the army cadet force as an adult volunteer for youths and have spare time on my hands. I have really caught onto the deer stalking mindset and although i can say im an absolute novice with no experience whatsoever..... i hope to pursue this sport fully. I have never hunted in this sort of capacity before but i do know good fieldcraft which is all part of the experience. Currently i have yet to apply for an FAC and i have no knowledge of anybody personally that has done any stalking. i hope to get insurance through the basc then join a stalking club. im also interested in range days where i can brush up on my firemanship principles ect. Being in the West Midlands its hard for me to imagine any stalking gets done around here unless on private land and im hoping that some of you older and bolder folk can maybe advise me on which persons/places to turn to for paid stalks or just to kindly let me tag along. The partially relevant things that may be of some use in this sport to me are the fact i am an avid first aider and have first aid qualifications including wilderness first aid which deals with injury in remote locations, and how to deal with gunshot wounds ect, which you dont get taught in normal 1st aid at work. I did my Range Conducting Officer course last year with The ACF so i know quite alot about grouping/zeroing/coaching/admin/range safety and maintenance. To be honest im interested in all aspects of the sport and even have my mind set on reloading ect. Anyway i know this was a lengthy introduction so ill wrap it up. Thanks for reading and i hope to speak to some of you soon.


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    Hello and welcome Aiden - - a good intro ! - - and on this site flattery will get you everywhere - - "Helpful" - most of us are, "Wise" - are any of us ?


    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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