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Thread: Do people still get blooded after shooting their first deer?

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    Do people still get blooded after shooting their first deer?

    Hi All

    Just wondering if people still 'blood' the hunter after a successful stalk. My father did it for me and my brother by smearing some of the blood on our face which I actually looked forward to as a kind of right of passage but just wondering if these traditions are still held.

    Taking a couple of guys out for their first in weeks to come and although I have told them about it I'm wondering that they might think I'm a nut job for rubbing warm blood soaked hands on their face! If they are really opposed I won't do it but want to keep the tradition going.

    I know there are some things out there like taking a bite out of the heart and even one that said wearing the animals sphincter muscle as a ring on your finger round the camp fire for a night but won't be doing that!

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    it still happens
    personally think it a tradition that could happily die

    i see no aspect of respect for the quarry or honorable tradition in it
    I certainly won't be doing it to my children and my father didn't do it to me. Would be very surprised if his father did it to him

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    No,not necessary these days.....I do however like the "continentals" way of offering the leaf/branch to the kill....that is very respectful.....

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    Certainly done in Poland, dont know about UK. It is great tradition and disagree with bewsher on that, but maybe because it is more to it where I come from than just a smack on the face with a liver...

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    I was blooded
    Merda taurorum animas conturbit

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    I believe so as one young SD member was spotted on the Piccadilly Line recently with just such adornment but successfully passed off without so much as second glance as a disorientated Millwall supporter!


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    I had my first deer on my first ever outing but I was by myself so didn't seem appropriate.
    As Glogin says it depends on what customs you've been brought up with.


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    Yes. When I shot my first red stag I was blooded by the stalker and told not to wash it off.

    Bewsher, I know where you're coming from, but actually I think it can also be seen as showing respect to the quarry. That was certainly how the stalker put it to me - you've killed a stag and you "honour" that stag by being blooded. There is no chance of hiding away what you've done; you have to explain to everyone who sees you that you have just taken that stag's life.

    Not saying it's right or wrong, but that's how it was explained to me.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Not a fan of it - where I grew up, it was more about making a fool of the novice. A sort of hazing ritual, which often went well beyond just blood on the face ( frequently included having your head pushed into the body cavity).

    To be fair, anyone doing their first gralloch is apt to get blood everywhere anyway!

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    I remember watching the 'Kill-it, cook-it,eat-it, Game' program where they all went up to Scotland after Reds. It actually portrayed what we do in a very good light which even resulted in one of the Veggies stating that if she were to eat meat, then that is where it would come from! The little Ghillie chap was quite a character and eventually got the chosen stalker onto a nice stag which she shot. Everything was looking all nice and humane and ethical.
    Then he 'blooded' her!

    Not just a couple of dabs, but a whole face full over both sides!
    All the good work that the program portrayed all came crashing down as it suddenly became a rather distasteful 'Blood Sport'! Completely ruined an otherwise very good program!
    Needless to say, I'm not a fan of it!

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