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Thread: 3 bucks in 3 outings, not quite.

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    3 bucks in 3 outings, not quite.

    After meeting my client we went to meet the foxing boys, setting them on we left and were heading for a high seat were the deer frequent alot, it also over looks a release pen so good chance of charlie
    This chap is as lucky as they come shooting 2 nice bucks in 2 outings both before 7 a.m. Can he make it 3 for 3??
    Checking his sights first some adjustments were made((4 inch out)) and we went to the area I had allocated for us to stalk parked up got ready and walked in.
    Barely 200m from the truck and 30m short of the seat we could see 5 deer already well out in the field grazing. Watching them for a short while we quickly established that they were slowly making thier way to the other wood.
    In that event it was better to circle around them and cut thier approach off.
    Navigating around them at speed when they were heads down we quickly made it there and laid down. We then see 2 more does come from under the high seat and come to us on our right flank this is all very exciting for us.
    The orginal 5 were still comming only the lead doe was now about 80m ahead of the others This concerned me as she may twig us before a shot could be made. As you will see in the video she walks within 30m of us. I tell the client my concerns about the wind and he readies for a shot the buck still not presenting as he was facing us. :angry:
    Then disaster 25m off she crosses our wind she jerks back and runs into the field alerting the others to danger they mill around briefly while they watch the doe. The buck presents a broadside shot but is obstruted by a kid and the client is to my right so can see even less then me. I ask if he has a neck shot but the gap to the kid is marginal. They run and a couple of barks dose nothing to stop them
    We are beaten fair and square.
    So we go back to the high seat to finish the morning off when a little doe comes and lays down under the seat in the gamecrop less than 25m from us. We wait no buck emerges so we stalk back and go meet the foxing boys for breakfast.
    That buck has the luck of the gods beating me twice already during the rut i thought this was the chap to end his career but the deer had luck on his side.

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    From the videos click John it looked like you were out with an anti or a pour bugger who had left his wallet with his wife Great video and i had pulled the trigger a few time watching thanks for the post.

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    "he who hesitates, Rodney"!

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    He was just auditioning for the part in the film proper, then he gets to pull the trigger, right?

    I don't know who I felt the most sorry for, him for missing an opportunity or you you for the amount of times you said "shoot it". Good video though, as usual.


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    Great vid just watching vid's like this gets the adrenalin going. Keep them coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman
    Great vid just watching vid's like this gets the adrenalin going. Keep them coming
    If you like, look at my channel on you tube yorkshireroestalking

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    Like others, I'd pulled the trigger a few times before the buck eventually ran! Actually quite tense watching that and willing him to take the shot - can only imagine what it must have been like to be there in person!!

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    To be fair in hind sight no body could have foreseen the kid was going to do that. And he was to my right so he could'nt get a shot past the kid.
    annway he'll be there again a better reasult then a wounded kid.

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