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Thread: Could it be!!

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    Could it be!!

    I have a really nice piece of ground on one of permissions! it consists of 350 acre of hill ground with a lot of natural regeneration consisting of Scotts Pine, Larch, Spruce & Hawthorn and general Heather type rough ground, with nice flushes of grass inbetween, there is never stock on the place which makes it all the more appealing for Deer. What i normally find at this time of year when the Hawthorn starts to flush, thats when i normally see deer showing themselves and in any year i can take a few bucks of the bit.

    Prior to last year i had seen reguarly a really good buck! normally later on during the rut and could never catch up with him, last year he disapeared never seen once, i presumed someone else might have had him on neighbouring land or died of natural causes etc. Not to be!! While having a spy on the hill this morning i spotted him with three big fat "ready to drop" doe's. Game on!! I got in a bit closer to have a good look at him! the tell tale signs to prove it was the buck i had seen in years gone by was the the overall length of his head "really tall" as in past years. I also observed he was lame on the back end and when walking, you could tell he was old also. I thought to myself! its been a great challenge in years gone by trying to catch up with him, some superb stalks, but to no avail, and know doubt he has sowed his seed time and time again, time to make some room for his offspring!!

    Thanks for the fun big fella!!

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    That is such a typically Northern head.

    Well done!


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    Well done pal good head was his teeth well worn?

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    Hi Allan

    Well done mate was he worth the wait.


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    Well done, great memories of stalking him over the years aswell, always something to look back on!



    Alba gu brąth

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    Cracking write up Von,
    thanks for sharing that and the photos too
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Not falling for that one, what was it like in Siberia last week.. nice buck Al, how heavy was he???

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    nice buck allan

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