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Thread: PV Bullet Pouch Competition

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    PV Bullet Pouch Competition

    Pietas Venatores is pleased to offer one lucky winner a PV embossed 5 round closed bullet pouch for a .243/.308/30-06/.270/etc. parent case, worth £70 (vegetable tanned leather version).

    Competition rules are: First correct entry out of the hat wins the product, including P&P to UK, other countries subject to cost. Closing date is 30/6/13. No cash alternatives offered. Entries must be from members of

    Replies by email to stating your answer and Stalking Directory Username.

    The competition question follows my business and product desciption and is located at the bottom of this post.

    Pietas Venatores offers a line of the finest leatherware products designed for the stalker that is looking for beauty, craftsmanship and quality that will last a lifetime.

    These products are on demand orders, and we only carry a very small selection of stock at present.

    All products are in Oak Bark Tanned full grain leather, free from any surface imperfections so will age beautifully. Edges are dyed and burnished. Thread is hand spun and waxed linen. All stitching is half-hitched to ensure any breakages would not run. The slings and deer carrier have suede lining to ensure non-slip even when wet, the dog collar is sheepskin lined. All products are domestically made in the UK.

    All comes with the highest quality brass-ware.

    These are products designed for the stalker, and designed to last more than a lifetime

    Sling £250:

    Attachment 28357Attachment 28358Attachment 28359

    Deer Carrier £160:

    Attachment 28360Attachment 28361

    Dog Collar £130, size dependant:

    Attachment 28362

    Bullet Pouch (closed 5 round) £140 Oak Bark Tan Leather (currently also stock of 4 vegetable tanned pouches as pictured £70)

    Attachment 28363

    The offered prize is as pictured above.

    Competition question:
    What does Oak Bark Tanned Leather production and Red Wine have in common?

    Please do NOT post any answers on the forum or the competition will become invalid and the prize retracted from offer.

    In addition to leather products, Pietas Venatores offers firearms stock restoration services - please see signature. Website currently work in progress.

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    “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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    Beautiful looking work. Thanks for the competition a great prize.Regards,Glendine.

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    Offer/competition bump. thanks for replies up to now gents, many correct ones, and a few interesting ones too I might add!
    “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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