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Thread: Age progression in roe antlers

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    Age progression in roe antlers

    Does anyone know where I can find an age progression diagram for roe antlers? If such a thing exists?

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    You can have a yearling 6-pointer so it does not make much sense....

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    I don't suppose there is one - you wouldn't usually tell the age of a Roe buck from looking at his antlers (Except in the most indeterminate way) as antlers vary so much between individuals and also from year to year and geographically from area to area. You should look more closely at body size/shape
    Yearling antlers can vary from little bumps to 6 points although the bigger 6+ pointers will likely be middle aged animals which have a good territory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    Does anyone know where I can find an age progression diagram for roe antlers? If such a thing exists?

    As above.
    Don't go trying to tell the age of a buck by antler size. I knew someone who shot a Gold medal yearling. How could you tell it was a yearling? By the teeth.
    Many bucks have been tracked from birth to death and antler size recorded each year. It varies enormously. Shape is generally hereditary. Size`is dictated by food, disturbance, weather and too a much lesser degree by genetics and age.
    When guestimating the age of a roe at worst you could be 2-3 years out and given that most will only live to 7-8 any way that's a fair bit
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    As already posted antler s of little real use in determining age ,quality can yo- yo with too many variables from year to year, better to look at angle of head carry, general manner to give a guestimate of age. Young bucks tend to look alert and surprised when their heads are up, older animals may be a bit grizzled with coronets sloping and hidden by curly hair they often seem to have a deliberate world weary gait when undisturbed or not in rut, Probably conserving energy.

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    Pages 75-78 of deer management, improved herds for greater profit by de Nahlik.

    i also have one in an old FC booklet somewhere.
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    A de Nahlik also wrote about it in his book Wild Deer -in Culling, Conservation and Management page s 82 to 87.

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