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Thread: Disposal of waste

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    Disposal of waste

    What are the correct, i.e. DSC2 acceptable, methods of disposing of green and red gralloch, head and legs?

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    As far as I am aware as long as it is not a commercial buisness you can dispose of them in the wheelie bin, Another option is to bury them at least 1m deep away from any water course ,

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    AS far as I'm aware, burying over 1m deep, incineration or removal by an approved (biological) waste carrier. Probably forgotten something though!

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    I ways find that by the time I return from the Land Rover with a shovel to dig my 100cmx30cmx40cm hole that the Gralloch has been moved

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    How deep is the nearest Rabbit hole
    Badger Hole better, but not allowed to interfere with a sett even though Brock wouldn't mind in these circumstances

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    This is what the DCS Best Practice guide says - scroll to table at bottom of the page:

    The Deer Initiative has still to publish a guide to 'By-product disposal', but a shed load of info is to be found here:

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