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Thread: whats better 7moa or 20 moa rail

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    whats better 7moa or 20 moa rail

    ok lads whats better on a hunting rifle 7moa rail 20moa rail have to get one peace rail for my remington 7mag what out of the two would you put on the gun i have sightron scope on it which has lots of ajustment what would be better and why would you chose one over the other thanks for your repliyes

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    20 moa will give you a further reach, depends on what your using it for.

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    why would you need an extra 7 or 20 MOA on a hunting rifle?

    only reason I would want more is if I was getting close the limit of the scope adjustment on 800-1000yd shots.
    Not really hunting rifle territory out there though

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    Sometimes people only have one rifle, & take pleasure in stretching their skill on the range, A simple matter to dial back to stalking distances.
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    Only one rifle!?!??!
    what a concept!

    ​fair point

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    20moa is what I fit standard on all my rifles with the exception of my 300rum which has a 40moa but that was built specifically for extreme range shooting

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    Just check how much moa your scope has. I've seen some people fit a 20 moa rail. There scope hasn't a lot of moa
    so they can't get a zero at 100 yards because there 6 inches high and can't go down on there elevation as there is no clicks left on scope

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    If you are only ever likely to shoot at standard hunting ranges then better to have a zero MOA option which means the scope will be near its optical centre. Depending on which Sightron scope you've got there will be plenty there to get you out to long range. 20MOA rail is my go to option - it will allow in most cases (but not always as Jay pointed out) a zero at 100 and utilise most if not all the scopes usable adjustment. Depends on what you want to do really.

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